For the Musselman's,

I appreciate your personalized attention you gave my wife in the design of her engagement ring. I will be seeing you very soon as her birthday is just around the corner.
-Rickey Fitzsimmons Counselor at Law
Dear Ray,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoy shopping for jewelry at Musselman Jewelers. I very much appreciate your service and knowledge. The bigger, impersonal jewelers have a "sales force" which typically knows only the bare minimum in order to make a sale. At Musselman's I always deal directly with you so I always get the information I need to make an informed purchase with none of the sales pressure. I also appreciate your willingness to provide service after the sale in order to make my purchase "perfect"(necklace too long? we'll shorten it; necklace too short? we'll lengthen it; want a different stone? we'll do it!). In short, you make my jewelry buying much easier! Others may talk about having a friend in the business, but with you I have an actual jeweler in the business, and one I trust on top of that Thank you!
- Richard P Myers, P.C.

The service at Musselman's was exceptional. The owner spent a great deal of time describing how one should shop for a diamond ring, and describing the importance of cut, color, and clarity. If you're not a diamond afficianado, the owner's patience and the length of time he spends with you will be much appreciated.

The ring settings were endless. If they don't have a setting you want, they work with plenty of other manufacturers who serve as additional resources. The owners pride themselves on having whatever the customers want (diamonds or ring settings) within 24 hours or less.

Shop around if you like, but if you're looking for something specific, and you're not caught up with the idea of a little blue box, Musselman Jewelers will be able to help you create that perfect piece of jewelery that you've always dreamed about.
—Joy Glassman, City Search Mystery Shopper

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